Hysteria Inc was created out of a partnership of young Dominicans that have permanently returned to the island, and have identified the need for economic and cultural development via the presentation of the Ultimate Carnival Experience.   The objectives of the organization are to celebrate diversity, support the local art industry and encourage education enhancement, while promoting Dominica’s rich culture and supporting the development of Dominica’s carnival product.



Celebrate diversity: Via the power of a carnival costume band we infuse Dominica’s ‘ole mas’ with new cultural norms that have evolved in Mas Dominique.  This will allow masqueraders and carnival spectators to appreciate the history and evolution of carnival.

Supporting Budding Artists:  We use local creative’s – fashion designers, graphic designers, musicians, chefs and the like, to provide us with the necessary goods and services we need to create our product.  This will provide budding artists with a platform to showcase their work, and expand their network and services.

Carnival development:  The introduction of a new costume band with a social mission into Dominica’s carnival will provide a new and fresh option for the Dominican people and will support the expansion and development of Dominica’s carnival product in the regional and international arena.



While we are driven by our social mission of celebrating diversity, education enhancement, and supporting local artists, we believe that we have a unique opportunity to provide our fellow Dominicans with the ultimate carnival experience that is underscored by innovation, quality costumes and exceptional customer service.  Further, we believe that it is important to embrace the unique history of our culture while revolutionizing Dominica’s carnival product.



Executive Team

Geida Seaman
Kiyana Edwards
Petrea Honychurch Seaman
Denica Shillingford
Shanelle Edwards
Pheona Xavier



Christopher Labassiere
Mekerie Francis
MaliQue Stuart
Ian Da Costa James
Zaimis Olmos
Shivaughn Johnson
Akim Ismael


Calista Ferreira
Genevieve Seaman
Meleeva Ferreira
Dannah Abraham
Chelsea Frampton