Hysteria Mas on the road

Hysteria Mas – More Musique 2017

Music is the art of Sound.
It’s the voice of a culture.
It channels the essence of the people.

Music frees the soul of our past.
It captures the whispers of our ancestors.
It is our healer.

Music makes the heart sing and the body move!
It gives us expression.
It brings together.

Our music is who we are.

For Carnival 2017 Hysteria Mas presents More Musique.

The musical styles that have emerged from Dominica and the Caribbean are a testament to the diverse, creative and powerful people we are. We write Musique instead of music to pay homage to our creole heritage.

Our King and Queen of the band are King Sona and Queen Musa.

In movement and colour, our King who produces sound, and his muse our queen – express themselves through the language of music. These are the staves shown in their costumes – The Treble and Bass Clefs.

Together they influence the musical genres of the 4 sections.

The band is divided into 4 sections:

Cadence, “Freedom of Expression”. In shades of green what better way to convey this musical style that emerged from our lush Nature Isle. You can’t help but want to dance when you hear Cadence, a combination of our african and european heritage.

Kaiso, “Voice of the masses” – In shades of pink and purple, the vibrant and regal Calypso kings and queens have given us the ability as a nation, to laugh at our pain, at our struggles, and to tell stories. Allowing us to hold our head up high – with pride.

Bouyon “Pounding of the soul” – A truly Dominican style – Bouyon emerged from our ancestral dances and the Lapo kabwit. Represented in shades of blue, like water beating against rock and permeating into the ground, this raw musical genre – Bouyon always finds a way into your soul.

Soca “Passion in your waist” – Originating from Trinidad, Soca has made it’s way up the islands to Dominica and grown in popularity. With catchy tunes it is a genre of Caribbean music which unites us as a region – represented for what all islands have in common – Sun and Sea – in Oranges, Yellows and Blues.

Our masqueraders adorned in their costumes, like the musical styles of the island and the Caribbean, will merge and move about, gathering strength from food and drink. They will dance and laugh, jump and whine, listening to their favourite songs of the Carnival season. Whether from Trinidad, St Lucia, Barbados, St. Vincent and of course our Dominica.

As our masqueraders enjoy their experience to the maximum, we as Hysteria Mas send the message through our theme More Musique – that without music, and without each other, there would be no Carnival.

Our Gracious Sponsors

Astaphans, Dominica
Astaphans, Dominica