In 2015 Hysteria Mas debuted with Fantasy Dominique.


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There is a disturbance in the water. The blue and turquoise Glasé, once calm now quivers on the surface sending ripples outwards. Rising out from the depths below Volkan emerges breathing fire and spewing ash, black and grey. Steaming orange and red lava hardens against the now frothing and sizzling Glasé. Still Volkan grows steadily upwards, taking form. This intruder, an obstacle disrupting her graceful current, does not please Glasé, and with her white-capped waves, she crashes against the hardening coastline. She is relentless but with no avail. So Glasé calls to the Queen, the Spirit of the Falls to aid in conquering this land. Appearing as showers of water, the Queen carves into the island, forming yawning valleys with rushing rivers. But still the island stood.


Again and again the Queen tries, until she pauses. It’s then she sees what beauty was created and so taken by it she decides to stay and call the island home. The King of the Sky, guardian of all creatures loves the Spirit of the Falls and follows her to this new land. With him, he brings her a tribute to match her beauty and signify his devotion to her – his pride and Joy, the rare Amazona Imperialis. Red tipped wings, a dark violet chest and a body with hues of greens the magnificent bird takes flight.

In celebration of this great gift Volkan, Glasé, the King of the Sky and the Spirit of the Falls, join the Amazona Imperialis in an explosion of color, merriment and pride. It is then Volkan and Glasé make peace, where the Queen and King live in bliss, and Amazona Imperialis soaring over the lush green mountains looks down in joy at this regal new home, an unbreakable land called Fantasy Dominique.