In 2016, after a grueling year with the devastation brought on by Tropical Storm Erika, Hysteria Mas presented Origins.

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There is an island that sits between an ocean and a sea, with vast forested slopes that stretch from coast to coast. It was home to the lovers Aktyèl, the bringer of Change, and Gadyen, Protector of the island. A distant traveler, Aktyèl danced wherever she went, through trees and over mountains, across oceans and deserts, as she did she affected change. Gadyen was a transfixed spectator of her power, and when they united in their love they captured the essence of the island.

Now, on this island were four tribes. There was Waiku, the forest tribe who came from the south, Fusion, the conquering tribe from the north, Adalu, the warrior tribe from the east,and Siffleur, the mountain tribe, who came from the heart of the island.

Although the four tribes lived on the island, it was not in peace. They argued and fought over their differences and this made Gadyen and Aktyèl restless. Tired of the conflict, Gadyen and Aktyèl called the Tribal leaders to a meeting. The leaders arrived adorned in the colours of their people, each capturing the essence of their heritage.

Yellows, blues and violets from Waiku, reds, whites and blues from Fusion, blue, magenta and oranges from Adalu and blacks, greens and blues from Siffleur.

Gadyen pleaded with them to get along but to no avail.“We are nothing like each other!” they replied.

So Aktyèl began to dance, stirring the water and tickling the air, she whirled and spun around the group, as she did the tribe leaders shifted as they struggled to keep their balance.“Dance,” she whispered, “Dance with me!” she puffed, getting stronger and faster.

Soon everything around them began to move. Trees creaked and swayed, their branches drumming against each other, and waves surged, strumming against the shore. As Aktyèl’s force grew stronger nothing could stand still and everything became a blur. The tribal colours disappeared into a whirlwind and like smoke twirled together leaving the Waiku, Fusion, Adalu and Siffleur plain and colourless.

“Where are our colours?!” They cried.

But in the midst of all the movement and chaos something appeared, faintly at first before growing brighter and larger. It was a rainbow, a large beautiful rainbow, its arch stretching over the group.

“Do you see”? Gadyen asked the Tribal Leaders. He pointed at the rainbow.

“Look at what your colours created. You may have all your differences, but together you make one.”

The Tribe leaders mesmerized by what they saw understood the error of their ways and looked at each other with new eyes.

They agreed to a truce and began to dance on their own, moving and gyrating to music of the forest, to the breath of Aktyèl.

“We will dance and celebrate together” they echoed, “We will embrace our differences!” they cheered. “We will tell the story of our Origins