Carnival Essentials

Fifth Reign | Rise of the Deities

What do you get?

As we commit to giving our Hysterics the best possible experience. As a Hysteric Your Regal Experience for Fifth Reign; Rise of The Deities includes:

  • Exceptional Customer Service – Upgraded Website features to accommodate fast and accurate registering for all your Hysteria needs
  • Beautifully Designed & High-Quality Female and Male Costumes to embody the Queens and Kings that you are.
  • Fully Stocked Mobile Bars: Command Central for Booze Barrel & Rehab with exclusive #HypePops
  • Music Truck: The Kingship
  • Cool Down Zone – equipped with the essentials you need to recoup for the road
  • Lunch and Snacks with Expanded Variety of Food Options
  • Professional Photographers & Videographers
  • Soldiers of your Army – Private Security Team
  • Expedited and Efficient Costume Distribution Service
  • Hysteria Gift Bags with all Carnival Supreme Essentials
  • Carnival Make-Up Options – conveniently available through our website and provided by the best Dominica offers.
  • Exclusive Boutique Discount
  • The Canvas, your Road – a day to portray your Unlimited Vibes!!!